❥ About me

Welcome to my site! I’m Sarah, a spanish freelance artist also known as Sarybomb, Saryka or Aroo.

I’m an concept, storyboard and comic artist willing to improve day by day as my ideas progress with me. I’m also a engineer college student and professional degree cello musician with harp skills.

Strong women, monsters and suspense are my jam, so expect a lot of those from me. I have always loved to design characters and explore the limits of their personality traits, relationships types and anatomy, and with that came a bunch of personal projects. So I started writing and showing them.
Conversations, silences, gazes and gestural movement are very important to me, I try to give my characters the essence I feel each of them need.

Also yes, I draw nsfw too. I want to make people understand that sex can be enjoyable, consent and a type of body beauty enhancement. We need more sexual education free of taboos and desinformation for people to understand either side; wheter they’re sexual beings or not. And respect that.


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❥ Art Status

Commissions: Closed ⬩ Art Trades: Mutuals only ⬩ Requests: Eventually


❥ About this site and Copyright

A simple word, a messy sketch, a pair of panels, banners design, a small comic, big comics, illustrations, characters and more have my copyright.

Following the guideliness of creators and content from Spain; every copyied, traced, stole or reproduced form of my content for personal or comercial uses are prohibited and will be reported to authorities.

Fanart is okay but contact me for permission if you are willing to sell merchandaising of my characters.

I hope everybody understand this!

⬩ Contact me: sarybomb@gmail.com

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